Melchior Vulpius
(c.1570 - 1615)

Fit porta Christi pervia
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A setting of a traditional Bohemian carol fom Cantionum sacrarum (part one), Jena, 1602.
Lyrics: Anon

Fit porta Christi pervia
referta plena gratia,
transitque rex, et permanet
clausa, ut fuit per sæcula.

Genus super in luminis
processit aula Virginis,
sponsus, redemptor, conditor
suae gigas Ecclesiae:

Honor matris et gaudium,
immensa spes credentium,
per atra mortis pocula
resolvit nostra crimina..

Jesu tibi sit gloria,
qui natus es de Virgine,
Patri Sacroque Flamini,
In sempiterna sæcula.

The door is made open to Christ
by great fullness of thanks,
and the king comes in yet it continues
to be shut, as it was through the ages.

Born in celestial light,
He came forth from the Virgin's household,
the promised one, redeemer and founder
of his great Church.

Glory and joy of his mother,
infinite hope to believers,
through death's dark cup
He released us of our sins.

Glory be to thee, O Jesus,
born of the Virgin,
and to the Father and to the Holy Ghost,
For ever and ever.