James Oswald
(1710 - 1769)

The sun, his gladsome beams withdrawn
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Pub. 1758, titled Absence. Written for performance at Ranelagh pleasure gardens and sung by Catherine (Kitty) Fourmantel.
Lyrics: Henrietta Knight, Lady Luxborough

The sun, his gladsome beams withdrawn,
The hills all white with snow,
Leave me dejected and forlorn;
Who can describe my woe?
But not the sun's warm beams could cheer,
Nor hills, tho' e'er so green,
Unless my Damon should appear
To beautify the scene.

The frozen brooks and pathless vales
Disjoin my love and me;
The pining bird his fate bewails
On yonder leafless tree.
But what to me is birds or brooks,
Or any joy that's near?
How sad the lute and dull the books
While Damon is not here!

Each moment, from my dear away,
Is a long age of pain;
Fly swift, ye arms, be calm the day
That brings my love again.
O haste, and bring him to my arms,
Nor let us ever part;
My breast shall beat no more alarms,
When I secure his heart.