James Oswald
(1710 - 1769)

Boast not, mistaken swain
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Pub. 1758, titled The Blind Lover. Written for performance at Ranelagh pleasure gardens and sung by Catherine (Kitty) Fourmantel.
Lyrics: Ambrose Phillips

Boast not, mistaken swain, thy art,
To please my partial eyes;
The charms that have subdued my heart
Another may despise.

Thy face is to my humour made,
Another it may fright;
Perhaps, by some fond whim betray'd,
In oddness I delight.

Vain youth, to your confusion know
'Tis to my love's excess
You all your fancied beauties owe,
Which fade, as that grown less.

For your own sake, if not for mine,
You should preserve my fire;
Since you, my swain, no more will shine,
When I no more admire.

By me indeed you are allow'd
The wonder of your kind;
But be not of my judgment proud,
Whom love has render'd blind.