James Oswald
(1710 - 1769)

As o'er Asteria's fields I rove
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Pub. 1758, titled The Radiant Queen. Written for performance at Ranelagh pleasure gardens and sung by Catherine (Kitty) Fourmantel.
Lyrics: William Somerville

As o'er Asteria's fields I rove,
The blissful seat of peace and love,
Ten thousand beauties round me rise,
And mingle pleasure with surprise.

By nature blest in ev'ry part,
Ador'd with ev'ry grace of art,
The rising scene of blooming joys
Each raptur'd sense at once employs.

But when I view the radiant queen,
Who form'd this fair enchanted scene,
Pardon ye grots, ye crystal floods,
Ye breathing flow'rs, ye shady woods.

Your coolness now no more invites,
No more your murm'ring stream delights;
Your sweets decay, your verdure flown;
My soul's intent on her alone.