James Oswald
(1710 - 1769)

Adieu Edina, friendly seat
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Pub. 1758, titled Farewell to Edinburgh. Written for performance at Ranelagh pleasure gardens and sung by Catherine (Kitty) Fourmantel.
Lyrics: Anon

Adieu Edina, friendly seat,
Ye native fields adieu;
Fair Lothian's lovely varied face
I never shall review.
Tho' far remote, those calm retreats
My tend'rest thoughts employ,
Where sweetly smil'd my infant days
Of innocence and joy.

Now lost to me those verdant meads
Refresh'd with mazy rills;
Those plains with groves and villas crown'd
And brown-brow'd lofty hills;
The lonely vale, the silver stream,
That first attun'd my lyre;
Their vernal beauties never more
Shall raise my artless fire.

Where oft the pensive muse explor'd
The music of the wood,
Or on the flow'ry brink enjoy'd
The murmurs of the flood,
No more to me those peaceful scenes
Shall their delights renew;
Adieu Edina, friendly seat,
Ye native fields adieu.